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What can I do to reduce littering?

Litter can be very dirty – not only does it look horrible and ruin the lovely views of our Countryside, it may carry germs, so in a time where cleanliness and hygiene is more important than ever it’s so important for us to each do our bit to reduce littering. It affects us all in ways some aren’t even aware of. For example, if the water becomes polluted from litter we can no longer use it for drinking or recreation, animals may mistake the items of litter floating in the water as food and can choke on it and cause harm to themselves.



We’ve come up with some simple ways that you can reduce your litter…

  • First and most obvious is to always put your waste including food waste and chewing gum in a near-by bin.
  • Make sure your rubbish is secure. Light-weight waste materials such as newspapers and cans can be easily picked up by the wind and swept away from the correct rubbish disposal facilities
  • Educate others on littering. If someone is littering, educate them about the dangers and repercussions of littering to encourage them to make better decisions in future.
  • Keep a litter bag in your vehicle for those times when there may not be a bin.
  • Make good use of recycle bins and use the notices on packaging to determine which bin your waste needs to go in.
  • Make your office or site more eco-friendly and provide separate containers in your work place to encourage recycling.
  • Do your bit for the community – Gather a few friends or pop your earphones in and go on a litter picking day around your local vicinity. You never know, this may even inspire others to do the same.