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Grab Lorries

At Skip UK, we like to make your life easier and offering Grab Lorries to remove heavy waste, instead of skips is one way that we like to do just that!

We love Skips, and they definitely have many advantages but we also understand that some jobs require a different type of waste removal due to limited access issues, volume of waste that needs disposing, the speed in which it needs removing from your site or garden or you just simply prefer this method.

Grabs are most often used to removal large volumes of heavy material such as soil/clay or rubble from construction sites as they have double the capacity of skips and are able to take up to 16 tonne in one go, saves you the trouble of having to hire dumpers or barrow heavy loads in to a skip – saving both a lot of time, and money! The hydraulic arm can clear away waste from inaccessible areas too, such as over walls and fences or roadside, saving money and hassle of acquiring a permit from the council.

Another benefit to hiring a Grab Lorry for your project instead of a skip, is that we can actually also deliver aggregates and topsoil to your site at the same time as we come to take a load away. Thanks to the hydraulic arm, we can place the delivery wherever you need it to go, even on multiple parts of site to reduce the work involved moving it around the site by you.

Give us a call today if you need any advice on the best way to remove your construction waste from your site then let us do the hard work by getting you the best possible price and service for your project.

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