Our new advert on Radio Caroline

The Hire Network are pleased to announce our new radio advert – running exclusively on Radio Caroline for the next few weeks. As longtime listeners of the show we are excited to see what new connections we can make with other avid Radio Caroline listeners.


We are also running a competition – Tweet “Sweet, sweet Caroline” to @thehirenetwork to enter a chance to win of tub of Quality Street (one random winner selected at the end of the month).


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Job Vacancy: Apprentice Administration & Hire Controller

We are looking for an apprentice. Ideally a school leaver looking to train in administration with progression to a hire desk controller. We are a plant hire brokerage based in Royston supplying equipment nationally throughout the UK to our clients.

We will provide the successful applicant with a structured programme of training, leading to a valuable NVQ qualification. You will gain experience in performing general office duties such as answering telephone calls, dealing with customer enquiries, processing purchase orders, raising hire contracts, chasing deliveries and collections, inputting information on to our in-house hire system, as well as liaising with suppliers and negotiating prices to ensure we provide an excellent efficient service to our customers.

The ideal candidate will need to live locally to Royston, have an outgoing can do attitude, excellent communications skills, able to multi task, confident in Microsoft Office Word/Excel/Outlook and be a team player ensuring everything is completed within the required time constraints.

Please contact us on 01763 252080 for more information.

How to responsibly dispose of Paint

You’ve just re-decorated your house or office, or finished a big renovation and you need to clear up the remaining waste, or you’ve just moved in to a new property and you need to clear the loft/garage of the pile of paint tins that have been accumulated over the years.

Easy right?…

Not always as easy as you would hope!

Paint is actually classed as a hazardous waste and is banned in all landfills due to the potential harm the chemicals in it can cause to humans, animals and the environment, thus making it a very expensive type of waste to dispose of in a skip. Pouring it down the drain should also not be an option unless you want to do substantial damage to the environment and wildlife, or risk blocking up the pipes, not to mention it’s illegal and you can face huge fines if you’re caught.

Well, we can help you and advise on how to get rid of your left over unused paint, or those old dried up paint tins.

  1. Ask friends and family if they can use any of your leftover paint, or advertise it on sites such as Freecycle, Gumtree & Facebook.
  2. It’s only wet paint that can not be accepted in the waste, so dry it out by adding something absorbent like cat litter or sawdust then once completely dry the tins can go in your general waste bin at home. For much smaller amounts, paint old newspapers and leave them to dry then leave the tins to air and dry out too before popping it in your general waste. Just make sure you leave the lids off so the waste carrier can see you’ve dried them out.
  3. Donate your paint to a local community project such as Community Repaint – emulsions are largely welcomed on sites like this and it’s really easy to donate on the website by popping in your postcode and finding our your local drop off point.
  4. If you have large amounts of tins and you don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience of chucking them in a skip, call us for a price and we can arrange this for you.


Things to consider before you hire a Skip

There are certain things that should be taken in to consideration when booking a skip, so we’ve come up with a tick list for you to go through before you make your final decision…


What waste am I putting in the skip?

The waste you have to remove from site / your home will influence your decision on what size skip to hire. It will also influence the price of your skip, so if you have a large amount of one type of waste ie. Muck, Rubble, Green Waste etc. it’s worth telling your skip hire provider as they may be able to quote you a reduced rate for ease of disposal. Bulky waste such as unbroken furniture/doors etc may also need a bigger skip to be able to accommodate the waste.

How much waste do I have to dispose of?

The skip size you choose will depend on how much waste you have produced and need to dispose of. Our skip size guide will help you determine how many bin bags of waste would fit in to each skip to help you make your decision.

Do I have any access restrictions?

It’s best to check the height and width of the delivery vehicle with your skip hire provider before booking your skip if you feel there may be any restrictions ie. Narrow driveway, overhead cables, raised kerbs etc. as we may need to deliver on a smaller lorry or advise of alternative options for your skip hire such as a wait & load or placing the skip on the road with a permit.

Will I need a road permit?

If the skip does need to go on the road for any reason – for example if you don’t have a driveway or you’re working in a busy high street, we would need to apply for a permit from the local council in order to allow us to be able to site the skip on the road without both of us being fined. We can arrange this for you as well as supplying lights and in some cases, cones to put around the skip to improve visibility.

How long will I need the skip for?

We normally supply skips for anything up to 14 days but if you think you’ll need your skip longer then please let us know when you book as we may be able to extend this for you for no further charges. In some cases though, we may need to charge rental on the skip if it stays out longer than the 14 day period. Alternatively, you may only need it for a day – ask us for a same day delivery and collection if this is the case.

Where will my waste be going?

If your rubbish is found fly-tipped or dumped in a unregistered landfill site, you would be held responsible for it and face hefty fines from the council. We only use depots across the UK that have been compliance checked by ourselves where we will ensure they have a waste carriers license, the relevant insurances and site permits in place so you can be assured your waste is being dealt with in the correct manner.


Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff to discuss your skip hire requirements further and for advice on the best skip to suit your needs, on 01763 252080.


What can I not put in my Skip?


We thought we’d save you the trouble of frantically googling mid-clear out and supply you with a basic list of what NOT to put in your skip.

If any of the items below are found in the skip there may be some charges that come with the disposal – this is because some of them are classed as hazardous or can’t be recycled as efficiently, if at all, so they would need to be disposed of in a different way to usual or go to landfill – both of which are more costly.

To prevent any of this happening we simply ask you to dispose of them separately – either by taking them to your local recycling centre, advertising them for sale/give away or giving the environmental agency a call for advice on what to do with them.

Please don’t put the following in your General Waste skip, or check with us before you do so we can tell you whether there will be any extra charges…

Large electrical Items including Televisions, Computer Monitors or Fridge Freezers

Paint tins containing residue (they MUST be washed out and completely free of paint)




Fluorescent Tubing

Oil or Oil Containers


Gas Canisters & Bottles



Clinical or Medical Waste including Syringes


Carpet & Carpet Tiles

If you are unsure about anything at all, you can give us a call on 01763 252080 for advice.

How can I reduce plastic waste?

Plastic is absolutely everywhere nowadays – it’s used to package our food, toiletries, hygiene products, post, drinks. You name it, it’ll be wrapped in plastic. Our cars, phones, computers, kid’s toys are made of it and it’s hard to get away from it. We are so used to using it for everything and it’s convenience that it’s difficult to get out of the habit, but with Plastic being one of the most difficult materials to recycle, we need to become more aware of the ways that we can reduce our own plastic waste and find alternatives to help our households and workplaces become more environmentally friendly.

We’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to reduce your plastic waste…

  1. Stop using plastic disposable cutlery – Carry your own re-usable cutlery with you in your handbag / pocket, so that you have it for any last minute eat out / takeaway decisions.
  2.  Pack your lunch responsibly – use foil or bags that can be re-used instead of clingfilm, you can also get Beeswax wraps now (even better), Buy the bigger pots of yoghurt and use a re-usable food container to put a portion in instead of using lots of little pots, buy and chop up fresh fruit and seal it in a re-usable container instead of buying the already prepared single use plastic pots from the supermarkets (you’ll save a lot of money this way too).
  3. Buy a re-usable water bottle that you can fill yourself instead of bulk buying lots of bottles from the supermarket. If you don’t like drinking tap water you can try a filtration bottle that filters the water as you go. With water bottles accounting for around 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste per year and 80% of it having to go to landfill, this will be sure to make a difference.
  4. Don’t stop at water… Make your own coffee in a re-usable travel mug in the morning before you leave for work instead of grabbing a plastic cup from a coffee shop. Or if you like the luxury of a coffee that someone else has made, take your travel mug with you for them to put it in – a lot of well known chains now offer you a discount too for using your own cup.
  5. Avoid buying pre-packaged fruit and vegetables and buy loose. It’s often much cheaper this way too. Some supermarkets have switched from plastic to cardboard and wooden packaging for their fruit and veg but there’s still a long way to go. Why not even try out your local farm shop, greengrocer or organic veg box delivery?
  6. An obvious one – re-use your carrier bags when you’re doing your shopping. Always keep a couple in your bag or the car so you always have them there. Better still – why not use a wooden crate or a cardboard box to carry your groceries in.
  7. Buy your bread fresh from the local bakery, or the fresh bakery section of the supermarket. These often come wrapped in a paper bag or no bag instead of plastic, they’re much tastier and often a lot cheaper than pre-sliced loaves AND you’re saving them using all that plastic packaging by doing so.
  8. Use the Milkman like the good old days and swap plastic milk bottles for re-usable glass bottles. With the average household using 480 plastic bottles per year and only 44% of those being put in the recycling bins in the correct way, switching to glass bottles will make all the difference in improving this statistic.



We deal with all sorts

Do you have skips in your yard or use them to dispose of waste on a construction site??

Or are you just having a Spring clean and need one for your driveway for you to throw all the rubbish in that you’re clearing out??

We deal with both Commercial AND Residential Waste and can accept both account and cash customers who want to pay by card.

Give us a call on 01763 252080 for prices, advice and to place an order. Alternatively, pop your postcode in this website and get an instant quote online.


Why use SkipUK??

As a customer, you have so many options when it comes to waste disposal and choosing who to use to come and collect your rubbish and take it away safely and quickly, without having to pay over the odds for it.

We like to help you with all of that here at Skip UK and here’s what we’ve come up with in the office to try to convince you as to why you should use us, and no-one else 😉


  • We’re super friendly on the phone and you won’t just get a grumpy call centre worker answering your call – we believe customer service is very important and we genuinely want to help you!
  • You won’t have to spend time calling around – We have 100’s of depots right across the UK that we have a great working relationship with so that we can provide you with the speediest service and best prices that we can.
  • When disposing of any waste it is YOUR responsibility to ensure they are compliant waste carriers to avoid hefty fines from the council and fly-tipping. As a company, we compliance-check all of our depots thoroughly and regularly to ensure that they are all up to date with all licences and regulations required to dispose of your waste correctly and safely in the most environmentally friendly way, so that you don’t have to.
  • Our skip hire staff have over 50 years experience in the industry between them, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to waste and we can help you to choose the best size skip, what you can and can’t put in there, and everything else you need to know to complete the job in hand the most cost effective way.
  • We can supply waste reports so that you can see exactly what came back in your skip.
  • Open an account with us and you can use our sister company The Hire Network to hire plant, tools and access equipment too, which means ease of payment and we can supply you with everything you need on site all from one place!
  • We make regular calls to check the status of delivery and collections so that we can keep you updated on the progress of your order should we need to.


So, why not give us a go next time you need a skip and see how we compare to your usual skip hire company?


Help us name our Lambs

On the same day as the Royal Baby was born, we had a new delivery of our own here at The Hire Network Headquarters…

2 unexpected but very adorable lambs, here to join the other 9 sheep, and we’re so excited and have been coo-ing over them ever since they arrived!

Only thing is, we just don’t know what to name them! Can anyone help us??

Suggestions to info@thehirenetwork.co.uk please and the best one will get some goodies in the post 🙂

Skip Availability

Lots of availability still for skips next week. We cover the WHOLE of the UK and can provide anything from a 2yd to a 40yd RORO so we really do have something for everyone.

Give us a call on 01763 252080 to book, or use our postcode section on this website to book online.

Skip Availability

We’ve had a really busy week so far here at Skip UK HQ but we still have some availability for tomorrow onward!

Get your garden ready for all those summer BBQ’s, re-do your block paving and get rid of those unruly weeds in one of our skips. We promise a speedy delivery and top notch service.

Give us a call on 01763 252080 and speak with one of our friendly staff, or pop your postcode in to our homepage and we’ll sort the rest for you, taking the hassle out of the hire!

Spring Clean

It’s almost that time of year where we go mad with skip deliveries for Spring Cleans with all of our customers clearing out old rubbish and tidying up their gardens ready for the Summer.

Be prepared and get your skip booked for the weekend!

Call us on 01763 252080 or pop your postcode in on this website and let us sort the rest out for you!!

SkipUK #OrangeLotus 2017

Fasten your seatbelts because Skip UK will be racing at yet another Championship this year!

#OrangeLotus at Lotus Elise Trophy Championship

Ex British Champion driver, Sam Tomlinson will be driving a Lotus, sponsored by Skip UK, at this year’s Lotus Elise Trophy Championship.

Come along to one of the race dates, see the celebrity drivers and don’t miss out on your chance to win tickets.

We have a limited number of VIP hospitality tickets to give away each month to our customers, ask Carly in the office for more details on how to get your hands on some!

Call us on 01763 252080 1

Mini Skip Madness

Having a bit of a clear out after Christmas?

Fancy a bit of DIY?

Time to re-landscape the garden before spring comes?

Considered knocking down some walls?

You need one of our Mini Skips. These come in a 2yd or 4yd size and fit perfectly on your driveway meaning you can fill it with ease.

Call Carly on 01763 252080 and get a quote or more information.